Welcome to the website of the FCH PhD trip 2018!

On this site, you can find all the information you need about the program and the sponsors of our trip. You can contact the organizing committee members, and follow our trip on on social media!

Every second year the PhD students of our group organise an international PhD study trip. In such a trip we visit companies, research institutes and universities.

The aim of our PhD trip is on the one hand to inform the PhD students about the research and product development carried out by the hosting organizations via presentations, often in combination with a laboratory/factory visit. On the other hand, when of interest to the hosting organization, a number of us can present results obtained in our PhD studies. This could be done by oral presentations and/or a poster session. Previous destinations for our PhD study trips were Denmark, Finland, Switzerland,  France, UK, China, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Thank you for your interest!
PhD trip committee 2018

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